Top 10 Reasons Why United Way is the

Best Way to Give & Care!


  1. Money raised here stays here.
  1. One gift serves many needs.
  1. YOUR contribution helps those who need help the most . . . kids, lonely seniors, the disabled, individuals in crisis, struggling families, abused women and children and many others including average, middle-income families.
  1. United Way works hard to keep fund raising costs low.
  1. United Way of Miami County has been a trusted organization for over 58 years!
  1. You can be assured YOUR money is invested in YOUR community and produces good things.
  1. United Way is working to help solve critical social, health and human-care issues important to Miami County.
  1. Volunteers raise the money and volunteers decide where to invest YOUR gifts to make the biggest impact.

      9. YOUR United Way is locally owned and operated.        

     10. YOUR gift is a hand-up, not a hand-out.