2018 Pillar Award Recipient


I personally had the honor to award Heidi Wright the 2018 United Way Pillar award at yesterday's Chamber of Commerce annual dinner. 
Heidi works in educating with both adolescences and adults through life skills. She is known for putting others need above her own and respects everyone she meets. 

Heidi is humble and works consistently to show kindness. She is also known for her strength of purpose, and resilience. 

Personally, we all know her as trustworthy, wise and creative. She is someone who wears her inner strength for all to see and is beautiful inside and out. 

We have watched her create paths for her clients after overcoming great obstacles in her own personal and professional life.

It gave me great pleasure to award this year’s 2018 United Way Pillar award to Heidi Wright!
I personally want to thank all the United Way volunteers, partners, donors, and friends that supported our tables.

Debi Wallick, CEO