Childcare $$ Assistance

Are you a Licensed Childcare Provider within in Miami County that has seen a decline in attendance due to COVID-19? If so have you reached out to the FSSA to find grant funding to help cover the loss of revenue from your cash paid children? Currently, all CCDF providers have the opportunity to receive grant funding to cover this shortfall. If you have any questions reach out to your licensing agent or your CCDF voucher office to get more information.

Are you a parent that is working a job that is deemed essential and you do not have the extra funds to cover childcare costs? Currently, the United Way of Miami County has received funds to help provide grants dollars on a short term basis until you have adequate funding to pay your licensed child care provider. Please feel free to reach out to the UWMC and speak with Debi Wallick about this funding. She will then connect with your current licensed provider to let them know the funds will be paid by way of these grant dollars.

Debi Wallick, Executive Director
United Way of Miami County
13 E. Main Street