Community of Character Application

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Community of Character Scholarship Application


Return to Community of Character Attn:  Debi Wallick

13 E. Main Street, Peru, IN 46970              

Deadline: January 29, 2016  

Amount: A $500.00 scholarsip will be given to a graduating student from each school

Open to: Any graduating student from Peru High School, Maconaquah High School and North Miami High School who plans to enroll in and attend a post secondary program.

DEFINITION: CHARACTER is values and traits that guide behavior for an individual or group encompassing all age levels. As high school students, this includes exhibiting positive student behaviors that will help you achieve not only your academic goals but also your life goals.

COMMUNITY OF CHARACTER: A community working together to build and promote positive attitudes based on character traits.

PHILOSOPHY: The philosophy of our effort is based on the concept that CHARACTER does make a difference. As caretakers of the community, every man, woman, and child must promote high standards of personal and professional conduct. Behavior that is courteous, kind, lawful, moral, and ethical strengthens the community and enhances our ability to create a better quality of life. All citizens, young and old, need to commit to building a Community of Character.

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________Date Of Birth: _____________________GPA: __________

Parent’s Names: ________________________________________________________________

High School: ______________________________Post Secondary Institution you plan to attend:


Community Activities/Involvement: (attach additional sheet if necessary) ___________________


School Activities/Work Experience: (attach additional sheet if necessary) ___________________


Please choose any one trait below and type a 500 word essay about how you have exhibited that trait during your high school career. Discuss how you have exhibited the character trait of your choice in your classrooms, in your community, and on the field. Please have one character reference sign below.

Cooperation                                              Citizenship

Honesty                                                     Responsibility

Forgiveness                                               Perseverance

Loyalty                                                       Trustworthy

Courage                                                     Generosity

Respect                                                      Compassion


I attest to _________________________________________ being a person of good character.

_________________________________________________             _____________________

Signature                                                                                              Date