Community of Charater Pillar Award

United Way of Miami County seeks nominees for its "Pillar Award" through October 15, 2021. Recipients "must show exemplary personal character, professional integrity and a sense of honorable service; (have) helped to develop a strong community through the promotion of family, community, and church in Miami County; and (have) shown behavior that is courteous, kind, lawful, moral and ethical and has helped to create a better quality fo life within the community," according to the release. The United Way Executive Director and a couple of United Way Board of Directors will give the award presentation after October 15, 2021.  You can submit nomination forms to Debi Wallick, Community of Character, 13 E. Main St., Peru, IN. For more information, call 765-473-4240.

Congratulations to Paul Forman for receiving this year's 2021 Pillar Award!

Paul Forman