Miami County Resource Network

 Meetings third Wednesday at YMCA from 8:30 am - 9:30 a.m 


Miami County Resource Network joined the Community Service Council to provide monthly outcomes from Charity Tracker.   

The Miami County Resource Network (MCRN) partners work together to serve the community better through effective use of community assets, empowering families, coordinating services, and maximizing resources to improve lives. 

Values & Responsibilities:

The Miami County Resource Network partners agree to share beliefs and values to ensure a comprehensive and collaborative process to support families.

Service Delivery Values:

  • A holistic, client-centered approach that:
    • Be asset and strength-based
    • Meets them where they are
    • Empowers people
    • Services support the entire family “unit.”
    • Require participation by the client
    • Supports the client’s interests
  • Focus on clients’ well-being and changing lives
  • Act with professionalism and compassion toward clients and partner agencies
  • A practical and user-friendly service delivery; seek client input whenever possible
  • Maintain client confidentiality and use information based upon the idea of who needs to know the information to help and support clients
  • Fosters client success
  • Commit to serving the client’s in a fair and dignified manner
  • All MCRN clients receive services as quickly as possible.

Partnership Values:

  • Maintain respect for individual agency mission, values, vision, and capacity
  • Build upon the strengths of the existing human services system, including existing collaborations
  • Treat all MCRN partners with respect and dignity
  • Utilize integrated access to community resources whenever possible
  • Work openly and cooperatively in MCRN activities to support full participation, ongoing feedback, test the status quo, and accountability

Partnership Responsibilities:

  • Commit to learning about the MCRN partners and community resources to understand and support the system
  •  Advocate through conversations among MCRN partners, stakeholders, and community leaders
  • Ensure the values of the MCRN system are institutionalized within an agency
  • Provide timely and accurate client data using standard tools and procedures
  • Provide the client with appropriate guidance as to how to navigate through the appropriate referrals
  • Participate in system training and professional development opportunities to build the strengths of the partner agencies
  • Apply appropriate security measures to protect client confidentiality
  • Educate clients and the community on the benefits of the MCRN system
  • Participate in the MCRN assessment and evaluation process
  • Be present and equally participate in the MCRN meetings and activities
  • Work together and support each other (cooperation)

System-Level Responsibilities:

  • Actively support the values, responsibilities, and policies established by the MCRN partner agencies
  • Maintain effective communication channels going up, down, and across among all MCRN partners
  • Reach decisions by agreement of those MCRN partners present
  • Share resources (financial, human, etc.) whenever possible
  • Coordinate marketing and communications to ensure consistent messaging
  • Tell others about the system and encourage volunteerism
  • Assist in securing and sustaining funding and other resources to support the MCRN network