Moving from Sympathy to Empathy

Miami County Poverty Simulation 

Please follow the link provided and sign up to be a volunteer for the October 18, 2018 Miami County, IN. poverty simulation. Our poverty simulation experience is designed to help participants understand what it might be like to be a part of a typical low-income family in Miami County trying to survive from month-to-month. The object is to sensitize participants to the realities of life faced by low-income people in our community.

Understand that while this is a different role in the simulation YOU WILL STILL GET AN EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHER EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE HAD BEFORE. The amount of participants is dependent on us, and how many volunteers we can get.

The United Way of Miami County and System of Care Governance’s first assignment is to provide volunteers and needed marketing to the event. The time commitment is 4 hours (12:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) and you must remain at the event for the duration. If you sign up, you will need to identify a "stand-in" in the event of an emergency; as we will need each and every spot filled. Please place in your outlook calendar to reserve the date:


Participation sign-up link:

Thank you, and please contact myself or Debi Wallick (<;)