Miami County #2 Kiosk

Kiosk #2

The health and well-being of all Peruvians are the future of Peru. Is this déjà vu, NO WAY! It’s kiosk number #2! We are excited to announce that we have successfully placed our second “Prevent Pricks” community-based Sharps kiosk in Miami County! Special thanks to Miami-Cass REMCPeru Street DepartmentShipHappensUnited Way of Miami County, and so many others for supporting this project. ❤️

Head on over to Stowaway storage behind Walgreens, and you’ll see this beauty waiting to collect your syringes!

Miami County is blessed to have caring individuals, businesses, and organizations helping to make a difference in those who live in Miami Co.

Special recognition goes to Chris Ousley for donating a piece of his property to place our second kiosk. We also need to recognize Miami-Cass REMC for their sponsorship. 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 6-3-2021

Amy Riggs

Miami County Health Initiative Committee