Public PLARN Workshops (Meeting monthly)

For more than 65 years, the United Way of Miami County has been working to make Miami County a great place to live and work. But homelessness is a growing issue in Miami County, especially in Peru.

United Way is one of several service providers. We strive to alleviate the grip of homelessness on our neighbors, even if that means helping make them a little more comfortable in their situation. Unfortunately, it’s not a secret that when homeless individuals cannot find shelter, they most likely resort to sleeping on the street without any barrier between their bodies and the ground.

United Way received a grant from NIPSCO Charitable Foundation that will help provide additional comfort to our neighbors experiencing homelessness. 

Our Mission is to straighten and cut plastic bags and crochet mats made of PLARN (plastic yarn) and help our local homeless population. You can help by collecting plastic bags and cutting and crocheting bags. The United Way will provide everyone who joins the initiative with a cutting board, scissors, crochet needles, and a bag.

(Meeting the first Thursday of every month at Community Resource Center from 4:30 – 6:30 pm)

It takes seven hundred plastic bags; start collecting now!

A tutorial video is available to watch at

If you want to donate plastic bags or PLARN to the United Way Sleeping Mats for our homeless neighbors, you can drop them at the Community Resource Center, 13 E Main Street, Peru.