Stabilizing individuals and families during times of crisis is absolutely critical in the delivery of our mission to help our community's households thrive.

It’s difficult to talk to someone about going back to school or preparing a household budget when they're worried about where their children will sleep tonight or whether there will be enough food to eat. In some cases, it’s vital to stabilizing individuals and families with emergency food, shelter, clothing, and other essentials before we can begin working on improving their education, financial stability, and health. 

United Way's safety net strategies for individuals and families in Miami County are focused around meeting basic needs and fostering independence when faced with unexpected life challenges and times of crisis. We take a holistic approach to help people move toward prosperity by creating opportunities and removing barriers. We support local partners who are providing basic human needs such as access to healthy food, a safe place to live, shelter from violence, and a solid platform from which our neighbors in need can focus on long term goals.

When we join together in times of crisis, we can empower all our neighbors to live healthy, prosperous lives. That is how we LIVE UNITED.