Hello Clients,

Due to the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be changing up our approach to Mobile Pantries for the near future. 

In compliance with the CDC’s recommendation to keep the size of events down, as well as their recommendation of social distancing, we are changing

the format of our events to a “Drive-Through” format. 

We ask that when you arrive at a distribution site, that you stay in your vehicles. When your turn to go through the line comes up, we will direct you in

where to drive your vehicle, so that our volunteers can load your food directly into it. We do ask that you exercise caution when driving to that spot, in

order to keep everyone involved safe. 

If at all possible, we also ask that you not arrive to sites more than 30 minutes prior to the listed start time of the event, so that our volunteers can help

organize the line as you arrive and best direct traffic. We would prefer to avoid as much confusion as possible with this change, and arriving to sites well

in advance will make this more difficult.

Thank you so much for your cooperation with this ongoing change. We are making it now to try and best benefit everyone in the safest way possible,

so that we can continue to provide food to those who need it in this unique time.

Alex Buckles

Food Finders Food Bank, Inc.

Mobile Pantry Coordinator

765.471.0062 x208