Why Character Building

Why Character Building is a priority for United Way

Imagine what employees of good character can do for your business environment!  Imagine having a company where employees trust, respect and care about each other-where ethical behavior is encouraged and hundreds of daily decisions are made based on what is right and fair. 

With a value system based solely on skill and personality, we find heroes in athletes, musicians and in powerful business executives.  But despite the admiration we feel for these achievers, we shouldn’t necessarily look upon them as role models.

You too can create a pool of employees or students with these traits; by investing in Community of character.  The Community of Character offers a monthly calendar; with new trait’s to observe every day.   The calendars are electronically emailed to you your business to use as you wish.  To join this list contacts Debi Wallick at 765.473.4240 or email the United Way office at debiw@uwmiamip.org.

Today it is out of vogue to speak in terms of character.  But there is no more essential aspect of any person. Character is made up of those principles and values that give your life direction, meaning and depth.   These constitute your inner sense of what’s right and wrong based not on laws or rules of conduct but who you are. They include such traits as integrity, honesty, courage, fairness and generosity which arise from the hard choices we have to make in life.

The Community of Character has succeeded the last six years based on the participation and partnership with all three community schools. They too, know to succeed in life you have to understand the best opportunities to building character, however, are within our families, where we are constantly tested and most vulnerable to lapses.  True character begins at home.

Executive Director Debi Wallick said, “You can begin to build character at any age.  The key is learning how to look within-to work inside out.  There are no more essential ingredients for character growth than trust. Whether its trust we earn from colleagues or a spouse, it is built slowly over time in an infinite variety of circumstances.“ 

To ensure the long term existence of the Community of Character program they recently umbrella under the United Way of Miami County;  to build on its current  partners and guide the continued growth of this worthwhile endeavor.  The United Way of Miami County recently adopted a five year strategic plan, which included partnering with the Community of Character; to help promote and educate the Community on the importance of Character traits.   

Ways to get involved with Community of Character:

  • Help to identify monthly character traits in the Community of Character calendar.  An example of the calendar is attached.
  • Promote and encourage Community of Character traits with your employees:  Honesty, Reliability, Respect, Self-discipline, Persistence, Resourcefulness, Caring, Patience, Loyalty, Integrity, Creativity, Goal-Setting and Citizenship.
  • Be a leader in the business community who supports character education in our schools.
  • Help support the internship program with our schools and promote the good character traits with them.
  • Display the Community of Character poster along with distributing the monthly calendars to customers.
  • Help with scholarships – three $500.00 scholarships; a graduating student from Peru High School, Maconaquah High School and North Miami High School who plans to enroll in and attend a post secondary program.
  • Nominate an individual for the “Pillar Award”.  This presentation is awarded at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner.  This person must show exemplary personal character, professional integrity and a sense of honorable service.  They also have helped to develop a strong community through promotion of family, community and church in Miami County.  Has shown behavior that is courteous, kind, lawful, moral and ethical and has helped to create a better quality of life within the community.