HEALTH STRATEGIES: We envision a community where all residents have access to programs and services that improve the overall health of Miami County.

Health – Increase awareness in the following areas:

  • In mental health issues and access to mental health professionals
  • In the health risks of obesity and work to decrease obesity
  • In the health risks of Vaping or E-Cigarettes and work to reduce its use among youth
  • In health issues relating to child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, and prevention to educate and prevent occurrences

HEALTH ACTION STEPS – Increase awareness in the following areas:

In mental health issues, stigma, and access to mental health professionals 

Partner with Mental Health of America

  • Provide training for first responders.
  • Access Mental Health Care Hotline.

Partner with Four County Counseling Center

  • Provide tools for networking partners to share.

Partner with More for Miami Coalition/ Mission

  • The focus will be to delay the age at first use for alcohol, prescription drugs, and tobacco in a long-term effort to prevent addiction and experimentation and exposure to other drugs, especially methamphetamine and heroin, which are so addictive and dangerous. Additionally, the focus will be to reduce the past 30-day prevalence of alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drug use among children and youth in grades 6-12 throughout the county.

Partner with System of Care

  • To create collaborative and innovative solutions to address community barriers surrounding mental health and substance abuse issues.
  • Decrease barriers to the delivery of mental health and addiction services.
  • Increase the utilization of evidence-based practices to promote positive outcomes.
  • Increase cultural and linguistic competency in service delivery.
  • Reduce disparities in access, service use, and outcomes.
  • Increase providers and agency accountability.
  • Increase the number of and access to a local family and peer, support groups, and programs.
  • Develop an evaluation plan to monitor outcomes and improve system performance.
  • Create an integrated approach to mental programs and substance abuse treatment.

In health risks of obesity and work to decrease obesity

Partner with Miami County YMCA

  • Work together to provide healthy choices and support the pursuit of healthy lifestyles.

Partner with Miami County Chamber of Commerce/Farmers Market

  • Help families put nutritious food on the table with farmers markets with fresh fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods where healthy food options are scarce, giving parents peace of mind.

Partner with City of Peru

  • To create safer walking routes.

Partner with all three local community schools

  • To keep a generation of kids healthier by working with schools to increase physical education and physical activity during the school day.
  • Strategic Plan 2020-2025 

In health risks of Vaping or E-Cigarettes and work to reduce its use among youth

  • Partner with all three community schools
  • Offer awareness tools from United Way Worldwide.
  • Advocate for local, county, and state policy changes.
  • More for Miami.

In health issues focusing on child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, and prevention

Partner with Child Abuse Prevention Council

  • To help teach children, parents, and teachers prevention strategies to keep children safe. Monitor your child’s television, video, Internet viewing/usage, social media.

Partner with Family Service Association Domestic Violence

  • Advocates trained in crisis intervention are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer questions and assist in crisis intervention.
  • 45-day Crisis Shelter – Shelter Care is offered for 45 days to those who are seeking shelter from violence.
  • Rapid Re-Housing Program – families who are homeless move as quickly as possible into permanent housing through rental assistance and supportive
  • services (case management, budget planning, etc.).
  • Weekly support groups – All shelter residents are required to attend support groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. The support groups are open
  • to anyone who has experienced domestic violence even if they are not currently a resident of the shelter.
  • One on one case management services.

Partner with City of Peru, Miami Co. Solid Waste Management, Peru Police Department, and Ship Happens, Inc.

  • Kiosk sharps containers in the City of Peru.

Partner with Miami County Health Department

  • Prevention & Awareness.


Bonding people and resources together to build a stronger and healthier community.


To serve as a catalyst for improving the quality of life in Miami County.


United Way is a community of donors, advocates, volunteers, and partners who fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. We will win this fight by creating opportunities and a platform for the next generation to make a personal impact on their lives. To do this, United Way will provide world-class experiences for individuals to get involved in and support causes that are engaging, meaningful, and transformational. We will empower individuals to take action, invite others to join their fight, and scale their impact. 


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To best serve our community, we will operate in a manner that is consistent with our values of honesty, diversity, public service, and respect for the individual.

  • Inspire trust in our organization by adhering to the highest professional standards of accountability and stewardship.
  • Serve as leaders in our community and our profession. 
  • Be committed to sustained improvements in the local quality of life.


United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Miami County.


  • Integrity • Inclusiveness • Impact • Collaboration • Compassion
  • We are committed to achieving systemic social change within our county.
  • We are committed to achieving success through collaboration in intentional partnerships.
  • We are committed to demonstrating success through fact-based measurement.


We respect, value, and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We also believe that bringing diverse individuals together allows us to address the issues collectively and more effectively that face our communities. Diversity and inclusion are the heart of what it means to LIVE UNITED. For more information, visit United Way Worldwide.


We create better opportunities for all people by helping to build healthier communities in Miami County.