Splash Bash Festival Regatta Race

Please call the United Way office at 765-473-4240 to participate in this year's Splash Bash Festival Regatta Race on August 27, 2022. Races start on the Wayne Street Bridge, from noon until 2:00 pm. Depending on the raft, paddle, and water level, time on the water will vary. All proceeds of this event will go toward this year's Last Legacy, a 1:1 matching grant for the homeless, and the United Way's initiatives. 

Waivers and rules: 

Splash Dash Festival

Cardboard Boat Regatta Race

August 27, 2022

LOCATION: Wayne Street Bridge

START TIME: 12:00 pm


  • Must be 16 years or older
  • online at uwmiamp.org



Cardboard, Duct Tape, Packing Tape, Hot Glue, Rope, or String


  1. Only the items above may be used to build boats. Cardboard tubes are permitted but cannot have wood, plastic, or plastic used to cap the ends. No pre-treated or waxed cardboard is permitted.
  2. Design is the builder's choice. Make your boat look like a race car, a yacht, a dragon, flying saucer… Let your imagination reign supreme.
  3. Only permanent markers can be used to decorate your boat. Using paint, stickers, etc., will result in disqualification or placement in the outlaw category. 
  4. There is no wrapping in tape; however, the tape may be used to reinforce the bottom of your boat.
  5. You must provide your oar and the paddle. The paddle may only be sued to propel the boat. Oars may be made of any material. Rafts or flatboats which use legs for propulsion are not allowed.
  6. Each participant must always wear a PFD  when in or on the water; otherwise, the team will be disqualified.
  7. Each troop/pack may have multiple entries; however, no individual scout may be associated with more than one entry.
  8. Each boat must carry at least two team members. Outlaw entries may carry one or more team members.
  9. Boats may be built before the event. All boats must pass inspection before racing.
  10. Team members in the boat must not be enclosed above the shoulders. Team members must always be visible while in the boar in the water.
  11. Team members who start the race must finish without leaving the boat's interior. The team will be disqualified if a team member exits the boat for any reason during the race.
  12. When a boat is finished the race, the team must remove the boat and any leftover cardboard debris from the water area and dispose of it in the designated trash area.
  13. Teams are not allowed to sabotage anyone else's boat. Any roughhousing in the water will lead to disqualification.
  14. All participants must be wearing a bathing suit and shorts (no denim)
  15. Team members must supply their towels.
  16. Judging will be based on the time after the race or distance traveled and the time the boat sinks.


  • Bring a supply of towels
  • Bring a change of clothes
  • Most importantly  - Have FUN


  • Speed Boat – for the team completing the course in the fastest time. 3 Divisions:
    • Webelo
    • Scout
    • Outlaw
  • Titanic – for the most spectacular sinking
  • Design Star – for the best design, theme, and including best crew!

Deadline to register: August 26, 2022