In tough times the community digs deep


The United Way of Miami County is on the brink to meet yet another goal, but they need the help of Miami County residents to achieve it. In    the past two years, the United Way’s fundraising campaign has closed on December 31.

At this time last year, the United Way campaign was at $194,588.31, 99.8% of goal. This year we’re currently behind of that mark with 98.5%, $192,020.56 of this year’s $195,000 goal having been reached.  With your help, the United Way campaign cabinet hopes to close out the campaign on December 31, 2016.

Bryan Maggart, United Way Campaign Co-Chair, knew he had his work cut out for him.  Bryan and the campaign cabinet tried several innovative ways to raise money this year.  “Several employers chose not to give this year, choosing over philanthropic endeavors. That makes this year’s campaign even more important.  Our agencies offer many valuable services to this community but cannot continue to serve the community without much-needed funds.  I am confident that we as a board and committee will be able to find new ways to raise funds.” 

This year’s goal of $195,000 has been proving to be a challenge but is very attainable.  “Our volunteers will spend a couple of days contacting businesses/individuals that indicated an interest in donating but have yet to do so”, Wallick.  “We are close - we can make the goal, but it will take some additional effort”.

Wallick hopes to meet the goal by December 31. It is something that she, along with Lisa Boothby, President of the United Way Board of Directors, and Bryan Maggart, Campaign Co-Chair, is confident can be done. 

Shelly Shenneman, Campaign Co-Chair personally wants to thank the handful of dedicated volunteers who have done a tremendous job this year. “It is wonderful to see the increase in our community’s giving spirit”.  We live in a compassionate community that seeks to help those in need and those who are less fortunate.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen astounding efforts from volunteers that have led to extremely successful campaigns both in terms of total financial giving and in terms of a cooperative “get it done” spirit.   Thank you, Miami County!”

In today’s world, it’s more critical than ever to tell our story. According to Wallick, “the United Way helps bring communities together to address urgent needs and improve lives - if it requires fundraising, or collaborating/networking with others, that’s what we will do. We look at the root causes. It’s not enough to feed a hungry family. We look to change the conditions that led to their hunger in the first place. We work with businesses, government, media, and non-profits because it takes a whole community to get the kind of results we need.”

If you can’t give money, then donate your time or talent. Anyone who wishes to give is encouraged to call the United Way office at (765) 473-4240 or mail your donation to the United Way office, 13 East Main Street, Peru IN 46970.

Any not-for-profit organizations seeking funds can pick up an agency application at the United Way office in the Community Resource Center. The deadline for applications is January 26, 2017.