United Way of Miami County announces agencies

United Way of Miami County and our community partners are working to develop long-term solutions in the areas of education, financial stability, and health, as well as supporting safety net services.

This year the United Way is focusing on programs that provide a financial/educational resource need or project.  The following programs/agencies were carefully evaluated by the Community Investment Committee and also met the responses from the needs assessment from last year’s pledge forms.

Designations from individual donors are guaranteed to be allocated to any of the United Way programs. While this not only ensures the funds reach the programs of the donor’s choice, it also means it is possible for some agencies to receive more funding than they requested.  These funds cannot be reallocated. They must comply with the donors’ desires.

•         Ninety-eight percent (98%) of funds raised in Miami County stay local, funding services to our community.

•         In 2016, United Way of Miami County (UWMC) paid less than $3,000 in dues to their national and state association.

•         However, UWMC will receive $33,633 in grants from the Indiana State Association of United Ways in 2016.

•         This grant is only made possible by being a member of the Indiana State Association of United Ways.

Beginning in 2015, United Way of Miami County enhanced their funding model to include community conversations where we asked people in the community to share with us:  When you think about education, income, and health – what are your hopes and dreams for the community?  What issues are getting in the way of those hopes and dreams?  What can United Way of Miami County do to help? The information was reviewed and analyzed by our Community Impact team and developed into strategies and measurable goals where United Way can focus on coalition building and investment funds. The outcome generated five focus areas with seven targeted goals developed to help make the lives of those in our community better. How will we reach our goals?

United Way of Miami County is changing lives in our community! We do this by working together with other non-profits, government, schools, and a faith-based community to create lasting change.

We are investing in programs and initiatives that:

  • support children and families,
  • support families as they move forward to financial stability,
  • remove barriers to care and provide services, and
  • help to provide basic needs.

At the same time we are leveraging resources to get things done; engaging volunteers who are passionate about issues, leading, and convening community partnerships as:

  • Community Service Council
  • Emergency Food & Shelter Program
  • FamilyWize Discount Cards
  • Miami County College & Career Success Coalition
  • Miami County Community of Character
  • Miami County Food Mobile Drives
  • Miami County Head Start
  • Miami County Imagination Library
  • Miami County Preschool Coalition
  • Miami County Resource Network
  • Miami County School Corporations
  • Miami County Wellness Alliance
  • Weekend Meal Deal
  • YMCA Regional Transit

“Allocations are based on the application and selection process.  The agencies’ preliminary share of the campaign will be a “share of total funding basis” percentage of the funds that become available for allocation,” stated Community Investment Chair, Jim Dale.

This year’s 2016 United Way Partner Agencies are:

  •           American Red Cross of North East Indiana
  •           Boy Scouts, Sagamore Council
  •           Community Impact Fund
  •           Dental Clinic, Beta Sigma Phi
  •           Family Service Associations, Domestic Violence Program
  •           Miami County Child Abuse Prevention (Nurturing Parenting Program)
  •           Services for the Visually and Hearing Impaired
  •           The Salvation Army
  •           YMCA
  •           YMCA Transportation

A Collective Impact Fund was created by the United Way of Miami County in March, 2016 to provide funding for various community initiatives. 

This fund:

1.     Will be funded through the annual United Way campaign and will be advertised as part of the campaign each year.

2.     Is designed to:

        a. Meet needs of a group or groups of people.

            i.   It will not be used for individual assistance.

            ii. It may be used for infrastructure of the United Way or other agencies/

                 organizations if the investment facilitates assisting a group or groups of people.

        b. Meet one-time, non-recurring needs.

        c. Leverage other funding opportunities through grants, matching fund opportunities, etc.

3.     Will be available to agencies or organizations who are not already receiving United Way campaign funding.

4.     Requires submission of a grant application that outlines the need, the purpose for the requested funding, and controls upon the use of the funds.

        a. The application will be submitted to the Community Investment Committee for    review and recommendation.

        b. If the committee believes the request has merit, the application and review will be submitted to the full board for approval.

5.     Will not have a separate checking/banking account. This fund will be tracked and monitored through accounting procedures.

“United Way officials are looking forward to maintaining a good relationship with all of the agencies and programs to help provide the best possible services to all of the community,” Executive Director Wallick said. “These programs and services extend to all ages and income levels, addressing a broad range of needs in youth development, family wellness, and crisis and emergency services.”

Mr. Maggart shared, “It is my honor and pleasure to help with the United Way this year, and I hope to help continue the great fundraising success of this organization through the 2016 campaign.  This organization has and will continue to help so many groups and individuals in Miami County.  Thank you for allowing me to chair this year's campaign.”  

Mr. Bryan Maggart is the owner of a small business The Merc and Jade Boutique. Bryan has been a lifelong resident of Miami County. Bryan is a graduate of Peru High School. He is married to his wife Alicia Maggart of Bunker Hill. They have one son, Rylee a 3rd grader at Blair Pointe Elementary.

The United Way of Miami County is pleased to announce their goal for the 2016 campaign is $195,000.  Their 2015 campaign was very successful, collecting 103.9% of the goal!  “Joining me as Campaign Co-Chair is Shelley Sheneman, an employee of Great Lakes Caring.  Shelley’s experience in communicating with people is a great asset as our key areas for the year are in education, income, and health.  We look forward to another successful campaign this year,” stated this year’s campaign chair, Bryan Maggart.”

Shelley Sheneman is a graduate of Peru High School.  Shelley works at Great Lakes Caring as a hospice patient care coordinator. She is a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church, community relations volunteer for Miami County Child Abuse Prevention Council. Tobin Drook is her significant other. He is a graduate of Oak Hill High School. They have two children, Cara Drook 18 and Finley 3.

Again the United Way is looking for volunteers to help with this year’s campaign.  If you are interested, please contact Bryan Maggart at nanabsprimitives@gmail.com, Shelley Sheneman at shene223@yahoo.com or the United Way office at debiw@uwmiamip.org.  The United Way of Miami County is a volunteer-driven organization that serves over 35,000 Miami County residents each year through its programs and services and those of its partner agencies.

To give, to advocate, or to volunteer with the United Way, please visit the United Way of Miami County website at www.uwmiamip.org or call (765) 473-4240. You can also find us on FaceBook at Miami County United Way. Please start sharing our page at #UWMC2016.