Wear jeans to work and help United Way

Fundraiser will help organization toward outcomes goal

PERU – United Way of Miami County is about $64,194 short of meeting its outcomes goal for the campaign that ends Dec. 31.

The outcomes goal was set to reflect the accountability of the United Way system ... In theory, achievement of multiple program outcomes leads to a system objective and achievement of multiple system objectives leads to a community goal. Wallick is encouraging people to contribute even a small donation.

“Every little bit helps when it comes to helping provide basic needs for our residents,” Wallick said.

“Sometimes people just think, well, it’s taken care of. They’re OK without my contribution,” Wallick said. “Our message right now is we’re not OK without your donation.”

Bryan Maggart, the campaign co-chair of United Way of Miami County, said he thinks the biggest contributor to the shortfall this year is from the industrial division. He said changes could leave people feeling unsure about their own financial situation.

A large part of United Way’s donations come from campaigns to raise money in businesses. Normally, about one to two of United Way’s contributing businesses go through transitions that leave people unsure, Bryan said.

For businesses that have already donated, Wallick suggested they could hold small fundraisers if they want to add a contribution. She said hosting a jeans day, bake sale or penny/change wars can raise more money than some might think.

 “It’s not a whole lot for any one person to do, but it could help raise a couple of extra hundred dollars from a business,” she said.

 United Way of Miami County is encouraging all of Miami County to participate in United Way Blue Jean Week. The week of Dec. 11 - 15. Employees could make a one-time donation of $5 to get comfy at work and help a good cause.

 Some of the support this will affect is for the asset limited, income constrained, employed (ALICE) population.

Wallick said one effort that could be affected by not meeting the budget would be crisis and utility assistance and helping those families that need a hand up, not a handout after that moment.

 United Way of Miami County has launched the “One Last Push” campaign to encourage people to donate.

People can help United Way of Miami County by creating their own fundraiser page and sharing our “One Last Push” on social media. People can also donate to United Way of Miami County by calling 765-473-4240, mailing donations to 13 E. Main St. Peru, IN 46970, and pledging online at www.uwmiamip.org;

For more information call Executive Director, Debi Wallick at 765-473-4240 or email her at debiw@uwmiamip.org.